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Kitgum Town is located in Northern Uganda, being the administrative centre of Kitgum District, with a population of 40.000. The situation in Kitgum Town is characterised by 3 major factors – a) the exponential growth of the population, worsened by influx of people – both semi-permanently and as night commuters – fleeing from insecurity in the villages due to rebel activity, b) the extremely low per capita income and inadequate access to external funding (government or international) and c) the lack of human resources as a result of the insecurity.

Starting from a sanitary situation based, if at all, on the use of pit latrines altogether these framework conditions lead to the present situation where only a minority of people have access to sanitation facilities.

Even though the Town Council ranks the sanitation problems starting from solid waste management and uncontrolled wastewater discharge in the central areas of town, the lack of adequate facilities in the peri-urban areas of town seems equally important, particularly when considering the number of people concerned and the problems faced with conventional solutions.

Another problem which surfaced only recently is the creation of huge refugee camps at the outskirts of town. At present app. 40.000 people live in these camps semi-permanently with only very limited provision of sanitation facilities. Summarised the situation in Kitgum Town with regard to sanitation can best be described by the rapidly growing extremely poor population without acceptable sanitation facilities and without an immediate view for a solution.

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