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October 2011

ROSA project wins "Honour Award" in the IWA "Project Innovation Award - Development" in the Sanitation and Wastewater Category - Applied Research: see here



Available now:

Analyze of compost and co-compost

(last) draft study report by Franziska Kennemann (MSc-student, TUHH, Hamburg): Select "Documents/Supporting Documents/filename"

  posted by Sarah


"International Scholarships

ICE WaRM offers a scholarship programme to attract high quality international students to education and training in water resources management, delivered by ICE WaRM partner institutions.

The ICE WaRM scholarship programme aims to:

  • - provide high calibre students with the opportunity to study with ICE WaRM partners to further their knowledge;
  • - provide students with the opportunity to participate in research and advance their scientific knowledge in water resources management;
  • encourage the exchange of ideas on best practice within water-related fields;
  • - provide students with the opportunity to participate in presentations, conferences, seminars and forums on contemporary issues in water resources management;
  • - provide the opportunity for students from organisations and countries currently facing major water issues to participate in programmes which they may not be able to fund; and
  • - demonstrate a commitment to cultural change and diversity and the international sharing of knowledge and skills related to water resources management.


We recommend that you visit the Post-Graduate Programmes page of the website to find out more about the programme.


Semester 1 (February) - Deadline 28th August 2009
Semester 2 (July) - Deadline 27th February 2009

ICE WaRM offers two rounds of scholarships annually, in February and July. Applicants are able to begin applying for current or future rounds at any time. The current round (to commence in Semester 2 - July 2009 has a deadline of 27th February, 2009.

Note: These dates reflect the changes that have been made to some university calendars from 2009."


posted by Sarah


ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards
(Formerly Known as Agropolis) 

The ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards promote research and design projects that help lighten the environmental problems borne
by the urban poor and enhance their financial, human, resource, and
social and political assets. Awards will be granted to cover expenses
related to Masters or Doctorate-level research projects in developing
countries where the researcher has formed a partnership with
organizations such as local research institutions, NGOs, national
and/or international organizations, and city governments.
Please click here to access more information on the ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards.


posted by Sarah


WEDC Conference Extended Deadline for Submissions

"Dear friends and colleagues

Thanks to the many of you who have submitted papers for the 34th WEDC
International Conference on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:
Sustainable Development and Multisectoral Approaches which is to be
held 18th - 22nd May 2009 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These are
currently being reviewed.

We have received numerous requests to extend the deadline, and we
have considered our review and production processes accordingly. As a
result, we have extended the deadlines as follows:

- Refereed papers (to be refereed by the International Scientific
Committee): 5 Dec 2008

- Reviewed papers (to be reviewed by WEDC): 5 Jan 2009

- Poster presentations and alternative formats (to be reviewed by
WEDC): 5 Jan 2009

Please note that the later papers are submitted, the tighter the
timescale that authors will have for making revisions to meet the
reviewers' comments as we will not be able to alter the final
deadline for this. You are therefore advised to submit your paper as
soon as possible.

With best regards

The WEDC International Conference Team"


  posted by Sarah


***********Available now**********

Community based organizations as gateway for the integration of resource oriented sanitation in urban areas

- A case study of Arba Minch/ Ethiopia-

final report by Susanne Schubert (MSc-student, Hamburg): Select "Documents/Supporting Documents/file"

posted by Sarah  

04 August 2008


We are very pleased to announce that the 34th WEDC International Conference will be held at the United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa from 18 to 22 May 2009, by invitation of the Ministry of Water Resources, Ethiopia and WEDC, UK.

The title of the Conference will be Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Sustainable Development and Multisectoral Approaches.
The WEDC International Conference is a week long, practitioner and research focussed conference, exchanging knowledge and experiences in the water and sanitation sector. Papers will be invited for review or for refereeing by the International Scientific Committee, and there will also be poster presentations and discussion sessions. For more information please see the WEDC website, where the Call for Papers will be published by 31 July 2008. (click on Conferences)

You may also note that these websites provide free downloads of more than 1,000 papers which have been presented at WEDC International Conferences since 1994. This is a popular facility, and ensures the wide and continuing dissemination of WEDC conference papers.

WEDC and the Local Organising Committee look forward to a stimulating conference in Addis Ababa next year, and hope you will be able to participate.

With kind regards
Ian Smout (Chair of Conference Advisory Committee)
Julie Fisher (Conference Manager)

The John Pickford Building
Loughborough University
Leicestershire LE11 3TU
United Kingdom

 posted by Sarah

11 July 2008 

Kennedy from our Kenyan ROSA team finished his post-graduate Diploma thesis report undertaken on Project Management. The area of study was "Challenges facing management of water and Sanitation Projects - A Case of ROSA project in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya". The report is available for download under Work/Resaerch and Methodology of the document section of the ROSA homepage.

posted by Norbert

15 January 2008 

TUHH is offering different scholarships for MSc studies and PhD programmes (JEMES programme for the MSc in Environmental Studies and IPSWAT programme for MSc in Environmental Engineering). Deadline is end of January! More information can be found at:


posted by Franziska

15 January 2008

Applications for the 2008/2009 Advanced International Training Programme
(ITP) in Ecological Alternatives in Sanitation are now being accepted!

Full information, programme brochures, and application forms are
available online through the EcoSanRes website:

The deadline for applications is 1 April 2008 for participants from
target countries in Africa and Latin America, and 1 May 2008 for
participants from target countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Participants are invited to apply from the following countries:

ITP 99a: 1 April 2008 application deadline:
Africa: Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali,
Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan,
Uganda, Zambia.

Contact information for the ITP secretariat sanitation can be found at
the bottom of the website:

 posted by Franziska

25. July 2007

International Masterprogramme offered by SPRING (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies):

Governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America have initiated new regional development strategies based on national decentralisation policies in order to reduce regional disparities. The level of management of the new decentralised administrative units (districts, regions or municipalities), however, is rarely commensurate with the new requirements. Planners are increasingly challenged to overcome the boundaries between administrative sectors and to bridge the gap between formulating a plan and implementing a programme. New qualifications are required, ranging from planning competence to management skills, i.e. to make programmes operational with respect to financial requirements and restrictions or to moderate participatory processes.
In order to fill the evident gap in adequate training for development planning and management, six universities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe are co-operating in
running the SPRING programme. Launched in 1984 and designed as a joint course, SPRING pioneered a new way of international academic co-operation.
About 450 graduates from over 44 countries have completed the programme so far. They are now employed in leading positions in such diverse fields as teaching and research, Regional Development and Urban Planning as well as in national ministries and in the development sector. The programme is financially supported by the German government, by the governments of the network partners via funds and by international scholarships.


Application deadline: 31 August 2007 (to strat in Septembre 2008).  Limited number of scholarships from DAAAD available- 

14. June 2007

Second Conference Announcement and Call for Registration for the

International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation:
Eco-Cities and Villages - 26-31 August 2007 - Dongsheng, China

with a focus on
- Urban and Rural Ecological Sanitation
- Organic Waste Management
- Agricultural Reuse

26-29 August 2007 - Post-conference tour and workshop on 30-31 August

Register now at !

Second Announcement [PDF: 225kb]:

Conference Website:

Registration Information:

 13 June 2007

Research Grants Available for Research on Sustainable Sanitation and Greywater Reuse in Developing Countries. Please have a look at: 

Note the following opportunities provided by Gert:

02 May 2007

Six full scholarships available for distance learning MSc

The Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), LoughboroughUniversity, is pleased to announce that the Commonwealth ScholarshipCommission in the UK is offering six full-fee scholarships for studentsto study the Water and Environmental Management MSc by distance learningover a period of five years. Full details of the scholarship are
available via:

... or by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Eligible candidates need to apply immediately to ensure receipt of an offer letter for the MSc programme and to complete the application formfor the scholarship in time for it to be considered. All documents,including two letters of reference, must be received by WEDC by 4th June 2007.

The awards are only available to nationals of developing Commonwealthcountries who are resident in their home country or in one of the countries from which candidates can be accepted for this scholarship. Studies will start in January 2008.
If you know of anyone who may be in a position to take up one of these scholarships then please forward this email to them. Thank you.

Brian Skinner

Distance Learning Programme Manager WEDC

Loughborough UniversityUK

08 May 2007

The flyer for the ecosan online course can be downloaded from here:

The website and flyer for the decentralised sanitation course is here:

The deadline for applications for scholarships from Nuffic has now passed. But those who have their own funding can register for the course until 9 June 2007.

21 May 2007

Dear colleagues,

As you know, A4A is strongly supporting local (and international) business development. In joint cooperation with SNS Reaal Fund we committed ourselves as investment partners to the BiDChallenge award, this year for the thirdtime to be organised.  The launch for proposals was last Monday 2nd ofapril. As (water and sanitation) investment partners SNS Reaal and A4A have made a reservation for investment-budget through a so called 'blended financial package for viable proposals on water-and sanitation businessplans', contributing to MDG 7, serving the poor, for local entrepreneurs with or without Dutch businesspartners.Several financial options from SNS Reaal Fund , jointly supported by kick start funds from A4A can be obtained in order to stimulate WATSAN entrepreneurs to submit proposals with perspectives for real funding when viable and feasible. As estimated partner of A4A in the field we urge you to inform your local southern partners to stimulate (social) entrepreneurs to participate in this unique event. See the hyperlinks to get to the websites with all required information.
You also can call for further information with SNS Reaal Fund (Kajetan Hetzer) or BiDNetwork (Maarten de Jong) or myself.The enclosed mail gives the required links to the websites of BidNetwork, SNS and A4A

Greetings Sjef Ernes

All digital promotion materials are now available online:


From: Maarten de Jong [ This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ]
Sent: 02 April 2007 10:11
To: Ernes, Sjef; Hetzer, K.H. (Kajetan)
Subject: Participate in the BiD Challenge 2007!

Submit your profitable business proposal for clean water or improved


Why Participate?

Win up to 20.000 euro per person (with a total of 240.000 euro in prize money). Get exposed to a network of interested investorsReceive personal and professional coaching to develop a complete business plan Promote your plan and share experiences on the BiD Network:the first online marketplace for business in developing countries
Find out more at

Submission in English only

SNS Reaal and Aqua for All are Investment Partners of the BiD Challenge

2007. Together they reserved 150.000 euros for investment in high
potential entrepreneurs in the sector of water and sanitation.   Make poverty reduction YOUR business!


The Conference 'Access to Sanitation and Safe Water: Global
Partnerships and Local Actions' will be held in Accra, Ghana from April 7-11 2008.

The theme focuses on the concepts of global partnerships, alliances and networks within the water and sanitation sector. These offer manybenefits including identification of issues at the country, regional and global levels, and programme design to meet this demand. They also provide a mechanism for building strong alliances across the different stakeholder groups, and for capacity building through information exchange andskills sharing.

This has important implications for improving practice at thelocal level and delivering change through the promotion and uptake oftechnologies and policies, and ultimately contributing to meeting the Millennium Development Goals. The WEDC International Conference is in itself aglobal partnership bringing together a wide range of sector professionals frommany continents, providing a forum for practitioners, policy makers, academics and researchers from a wide range of disciplines who are working in thewater and environmental sanitation sectors.Please visit our website to findout

more and for links to guidance for those preparing a presentation andto the conference paper template. For further details please contact:

Conference Administrator.

Tel: +44 (0)1509 228304

Fax: +44 (0)1509 211079Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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The ROSA final meeting was held from 15th to 18th March 2009 in Arusha, Tanzania.