Nakuru (Kenya)

In Nakuru the wastewater problem is apparent: lake Nakuru, a tourist income earner of 20'000 visitors per month is at risk due to plastic waste from town, and leakage from pit latrines and soak pits.

The Nakuru Municipal Council (NMC), the Nakuru business Association (NBA), the informal sector (Jua Kali), a variety of NGOs and District Officers (DO) and the District Development Officer (DDO) are jointly aware of these problems.


They are also aware of joining in NAWASCO, the privatized water and sanitation company, and the Family Finance bank. All these stakeholders are united in a recently established Municipal Support Group on Environment (MSGE).

Also three funding agencies work closely together through partners (ITDG through JICA and Comic Relief; WASTE through its ISSUE programme).
Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 May 2007 )