12 Months Meeting Uganda





The twelve months ROSA meeting was held from 26.10. until 31.10.2007 in Kampala, Kalungu and Kitgum, Uganda.

The 2nd 6-month meeting took place in Kitgum, Uganda from the 26th - 31st of October 2007-12-17 and was hosted by the ROSA team from Makerere University, Department of Civil Engineering in Kampala and the Kitgum Town Council team. 38 participants from every ROSA partner participated the meeting which included an excursion to Kalungu School and Kitgum (one of the 4 pilot cities), Training sessions and a 2 days workshop. Afterwards some ROSA participants attended the Kick-off meeting for “SuSan Academic Alliance” from the 1st – 2nd November 2007.








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